Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Homecoming Hair | New Hollywood Glamour

Hello all!
As promised, here's the first installment of Homecoming Hair. 

I tried to come up with styles that were just plain awesome as well as easy to replicate either on yo'self or a friend. This first look features three small french braids along the side of the head and soft romantic waves. It's a bit Veronica Lake meets Rihanna and lemme just say, I dig it.

  • create a deep side.
  • follow the line of the part down the back of the skull, curving slighty toward the ear.
  • section off three small horseshoe shaped chunks radiating out from the ear. 
  • Clip the upper two sections up and out of the way.
  • begin to french braid the section closest to the ear.
  • tie it off with a small rubber hair tie.
  • french braid the next two sections.
  • curl the remaining hair.
  • spritz with hairspray.
-Make sure the hair falling closest to the face is curled outward from the head. This will add drama as well as keeping it from falling in your eyes.

-With either your fingers or a wide tooth comb, run through the curls to loosen their shape. 

-If the braid ends are visible, pin them along the nape of the neck

Pair with a killer smoky eye and red lip. Bonus if you're wearing all black and fierce heels.
You're gonna be smokin'.


Shoutout to my roommate Brenly for being such a killer model and a big thank you to Martha for taking these photos.

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